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Wi Coin (WiC)

Wi Coin (WiC) is a coin that will convey crypto to the masses. Today, 99% of the general population required in crypto monetary forms utilize it either as a theoretical resource or store it with a fantasy of turning into a mogul overnight. This is the essential explanation behind the absence of selection and WiC is a coin that will illuminate this issue. WiC will give the normal individual motivation to purchase and utilize crypto in his regular day to day existence. Presenting the executioner application of the crypto world, “CryptoWi”, an application which compensates its clients in Wi Coins (WiC) for doing what they do each day, utilize their Wi-Fi! This is the means by which it works:

To begin with, you should make a record to utilize the application and acquire and store your WiCs.

Second, the application will solicit the client to transfer passwords from the Wi-Fi associations that are put away on the gadget. The client can pick not to transfer delicate systems like his/her home Wi-Fi. The client is granted 100 WiC per remedy watchword transferred, so in the case screenshot over, the client gets 300 WiC for transferring 3 passwords to the system. The client will likewise have the capacity to set a custom cost in WiC for each of these systems. Anyone who needs to interface with these systems should pay this sum and it will be credited to the first watchword uploader. This gives an additional motivating force to individuals for not changing the secret word and helps the group become bigger. 10,000,000 WiC have been saved for conveyance to the clients in the early phases of the application to develop the client base. At 100 coins for each secret word, this will be 100,000 passwords.

On the application’s primary screen, the client is demonstrated a rundown of passwords accessible on the application’s system that are adjacent the client’s present area. The green name found in the above screenshot other than each wifi name is its value that is set by the client that transferred the secret key.

Add up to Investment/Number of ICO coins (25,000,000)

Your venture will be expanded by the relating reward when you contribute. So for instance, on the off chance that you contribute 1 BTC on the principal day it will consider 1.3 BTC, on the off chance that you contribute 1 BTC on May 12, it will consider 1.1 BTC et cetera. Early supporters have the most extreme reward of 30% which continues diminishing to 0% for the last week.

We have made it to a great degree simple for everybody to partake in the ICO. No join or enlistment is required and financial specialists just need to fill a straightforward 3 address shape here to take an interest.

Escrow Details:

We have a 3 part Escrow Team that will hold a multi signature wallet address that will be utilized for the ICO. Stores from this wallet can be moved just if 2 out of 3 individuals sign that exchange.

1) Blazed – Bitrated

2) minerjones – Bitrated

3) WiC Team

We have exceptionally very much rumored and trusted individuals from the group to help us with the ICO so financial specialist assets are 100% safe. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to inquire.

Escrow address will be accessible at 6PM EST on April 22, 2017.

Meet the Team

1) Ronald B. Sao – Founder. Ronald has been in the IT business for over 10 years and has been dynamic in the Bitcoin world since 2014. This is his first venture and he trusts this will be the executioner application the crypto world has been sitting tight for since 2008. Mass reception is the essential objective.

2) Catherine – Marketing and Investment. Master in showcasing and holding a PhD in Advertising, Catherine is in charge of making a buzz for the venture with both on the web and disconnected promoting. She has likewise made the truly necessary starting speculation into this venture.

3) Deepak Kumar – App advancement. Master in java, C++, XML and Eclipse, Deepak is the lead designer of the group and in charge of squashing any bugs in the application and guaranteeing all product works faultlessly.

Future Planned elements (MIL)

Highlights made arrangements for the year 2017 are as per the following:

1) Shapeshift combination to change over earned WiC to different cryptos in a split second.

2) Offline route to wifi spots

3) Private Messaging

4) Private Transactions

BTCTalk username : Sempiternals

Thread Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1869125.0

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