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What is Bounty (XBTY)?
Abundance (XBTY) it’s only a computerized token, an ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum blockchain
what’s more, it’s completely perfect with all Ethereum wallets which bolster ERC20 Tokens or keen contracts
that uses the ERC20 Standard. Can be utilized as coins, declarations, IOUs, in diversion credits, money for administrations, and so on.
It has no an incentive without anyone else, executed and utilized on different administrations tho it’s another story.
Not another IPO/ICO/Crowdsale
We despise ICOs as the larger part of them are closure raising a great deal of cash ahead of time without offering anything of significant worth.
Mind crunching a favor thought, compose a fancier whitepaper and pay some individual to keep in touch with some fundamental capacities for your github is simple,
anyone can do that and it begins to feel like anyone is doing that as of now by the quantity of ICOs showing up over night.
The hard work it’s the point at which you’re attempting to promote your administration, when you need to convey the regular person to utilize your administration.
“Try not to request my cash and don’t exploit my insatiability, go build up your administration, discharge it and demonstrate that it’s working.
It doesn’t require that a huge number of dollars forthright. After you substantiated yourself return and request millions to publicize yourself available”

What are your tentative arrangements for GetBounty extend?

We’re not surging anything right now, we have a couple of thoughts and something on the table being worked on.

Our primary objective is to create however many administrations as could reasonably be expected and furthermore welcome the group to join and help us do as such.

The estimation of the token is on second place, that will come in time as the request and helpfulness for the token will increment.

In our accessible spare time we’re creating administrations for XBTY to expand the request and ideally it’s an incentive on the long haul,

regarding this as an open-source business where the group can unite and pick up an incentive from it.

As of now we are dealing with:

A P2P VPN benefit where you can have an Exit-Node and get paid with XBTY by anyone who’s utilizing your Exit-Node as a VPN association
(spilling Netflix in nations where it’s not accessible, peruse securely while associated with open WIFI or other untrusted systems, and so on);

An online Poker Holdem amusement (We are as yet arranging if to utilize XBTY specifically as chips or to utilize XBTY to purchase chips and money out chips for XBTY);
An online Business or Service registry database where you can post data about your bitcoin/ethereum based business or administration
to build your online perceivability. This administration will require XBTY to post your business/benefit, expanding interest for XBTY;
An online magazine with blockchain-tech related articles (like Coindesk). Advertorials and Banner advertisements will be paid in XBTY;
More thoughts are on the table and we are exceptionally open to more thoughts from you.

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