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EXSCUDO ICO launch — April 25!
Website : https://exscudo.com
ICO Sites : https://exscudo.com/ico/

EXSCUDO ICO Announcement!

Hi everyone! We are eager to tell you that our ICO is as close as never, and it will include both a pre-deal crusade and an abundance battle! Yet, first things to begin with, about ICO:

Our ICO starts on 25 of April and keeps going until 31 of May;

There will be just 240 000 EON coins transmitted right away at the dispatch of the framework;

150 720 000 EON coins will be accessible available to be purchased at the ICO dispatch, you can get them with BTC;

The cost for 1 EON will be 0.0002 BTC.

Why would you like to partake in our ICO?

The whole you put resources into our ICO is equivalent to the aggregate you can exchange day by day with zero commission on the Exscudo trade. This zero commission whole is lifetime-conceded to your record.
Later on EON will be exchanged available, and who knows, perhaps it is the unparalleled opportunity to get them for 0.0002 BTC Wink
The individuals who possess EON coins can dispatch an EON blockchain hub with the measure of EONs they have and they will get automated revenue from the hub exchange affirmations,
We give rewards to early speculators! You can get up to 10% a larger number of coins than what you paid for.
Yes, you can pre-arrange some measure of EON coins before the ICO. They will be reserved in our request book for you specifically! On the off chance that you purchase the booked sum inside the initial 48h of the ICO, you get 10% reward!
On the off chance that you don’t book the coins, you get 5% reward amid the initial 10 days of the ICO battle, and 2,5% reward amid the 11.- 20. days of the battle.
Don`t miss our news and stay tuned! Our ICO page

We endeavor to make a stage, which joins the universe of customary back and the cryptocurrency showcase. Our fundamental objective is to make a simple to-utilize, quick, lawful, and secure access to the cryptocurrency showcase for each individual with access to the Internet and Visa.

is a Financial Ecosystem that comprises of 6 items cooperating. Each of them was created keeping in mind the end goal to convey cryptocurrency nearer to clients, diggers, brokers and financial specialists. It is intense, quick and secure.
1. Trade. The computerized fund commercial center for apprentices and expert dealers, money related foundations and institutional speculators. The exchanging framework is the motor of liquidity. One of its focal points is the rundown of exchanges in one request list. Another solid component is the choice of exchanging on edge and straightforward trade. Multi Layered design, much the same as with traditional exchanging trades for budgetary and value markets, which permits an abnormal state of security, adaptability of the frameworks, and in addition open doors for scaling.
2. Outlines. All information for exchanges on the cryptocurrency market is situated in one place and updates continuously in one place and happens progressively. For a 10,000 foot perspective of all exchanges for dealers, our posting server gives and gathers exchanging information not simply from the Exscudo trade, but rather gives posting from other cryptocurrency trades.
3. Exchanging terminals. Exchanging terminals with an extensive variety of devices for experts that are planned similarly as usable as on conventional exchanges.The Cross-stage exchanging terminal backings the accompanying stages:
Portable (iOS, Android)
Desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
The terminal conveys with full support of trade capacities, with an extensive variety of investigative potential outcomes, with support of various sorts of requests, online-postings, intelligent design and specialized markers, exchanging signs and duplicates of exchange. The capable exchanging framework enables brokers to acknowledge entangled methodologies.
4. Wallet and Protected errand person. This is one single application that joins the elements of a wallet and of an ensured detachment. It considers simple access to individual information in the framework, and also budgetary administrations of Exscudo.
5. Cards. Check cards, which are associated with the client accounts and have, with the choice to trade monetary forms continuously. The card is acknowledged everywhere throughout the world for online buys and in physical stores with least commissions.
6. Shipper. This is an answer for business substances that will acknowledge cryptocurrencies: the cash is changed over right away and consequently immediately and empowers the organization to work legitimately. The quickest, most secure and slightest exorbitant as far as comission technique for installment for customers.Fueled by EonExscudo Ecosystem is fueled by a blockchain coin called Eon. Age is a DePOS coin, being both a coin and the fuel for all the Exscudo exchanges in the meantime.
The primary item to dispatch is the Exscudo Channels — a chatwallet application that consolidates the usefulness of an ensured delivery person and of a multicurrency wallet.


The venture arranges an ICO in the coming spring. The terms and conditions will be distributed on the authority Exscudo pages. Clients that are conceivably keen on contributing are benevolently welcomed to join on the Exscudo site to get additional data by email.
There will likewise be a liberal Bounty crusade, including interpretations and marks. If it’s not too much trouble take after this point for additional data. It will be distributed in the coming weeks.

We are presently searching for a local Chinese talking and composing Community Leader. If it’s not too much trouble connect with us quickly and disclose to us what steps you would take to advance Exscudo inside the Chinese crypto-group.
We are as of now searching for a local English and Hindu talking and composing Community Leader. If it’s not too much trouble connect with us quickly and let us comprehend what steps you would take to advance Exscudo inside the Indian crypto-group.

Created restrictive blockchain-stage
Created fundamental market center
Created postings server and reason for the exchanging trade capacities
Created useful multi cash wallet on the premise of the exclusive blockchain-stage

Reestablished center of the trade, extended capacities
Finish of the improvement of the blockchain-stage with the support of client gatherings and numerous memberships
Advancement of practical decentralized secure envoy
Extension elements of the trade capacities and the advancement of the posting server
Extension of trade capacities
Extension of the postings capacity of the trade
Extension of exchanging elements of the trade
Update design of the EON blockchain innovation, development of the blockchain capacities
Dispatch of the chatwallet application (decentralized secure courier and multi money wallet) (Q2 2017)
Open beta testing on the trade (Q2 2017)
Dispatch of trade administrations (postings server, web-administrations of multi money wallet) (Q2/Q3 2017)
Dispatch of exchanging on the trade (Q2/Q3 2017)
Dispatch of the cell phone exchanging terminal for Android (Q2/Q3 2017)
Dispatch of the cell phone exchanging terminal for iOS (Q2/Q3 2017)
Dispatch of records with the combination of fiat monetary forms and dispatch of marked cards (Q2 2017)

Dispatch of full exchanging terminal with extended capacities (Android, iOS, Desktop) (Q1/Q2 2018)
Dispatch of shipper stage (Q1/Q2 2018)

Group and Advisors

Andrew Zimine. Chief, Founder
Alex Sitnikov. CTO, Founder
Alex Rebyakov. Lead Core Developer
Julian Kossinov, M.Sc. European and North American markets Advisor
Christian Kossinov, M.Sc. Money relates Strategy Advisor, European and Asian markets Advisor

You can meet other colleagues and take in more points of interest on our site.


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