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       Minexcoin ICO
15 MAY 2017  –  13 JUNE
Website : minexcoin.com

What is Minexcoin?

MinexCoin (MNC) is a worldwide installments framework in view of a low unpredictability cryptocurrency which is a piece of Minex biological community. On account of its steady conversion scale, MinexCoin is a solid methods for installment, while controllable development of coin value makes it an appealing methods for esteem stockpiling. Regulation of instability and value development are kept up by the framework’s independent calculation acting like a national bank, henceforth the name MinexBank. Monetary instruments it utilizes would enable dealers to procure from swapping scale edge without harming the coin’s environment. Actually, they would bolster it.

Minex stage joins the usefulness of a basic and safe handling framework for internet shopping and cryptocurrency operations, an online advanced resources trade, and a venture stage.

The instruments accessible at Minex empower you to store your cash securely, go through them with a few ticks, and even acquire ensured incomes by simply helping the framework to stay stable.

Why you ought to join

MinexCoin (MNC) is not the same as different altcoins in light of the fact that it’s a steady low-instability cryptocurrency with settled yearly development. MinexCoin’s development is pegged to per annum development of 10 cryptocurrencies with most noteworthy market tops. According to 2016 this development was listed at 33,6%. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you need to utilize MNC for exchanging, longterm venture or everyday money related exercises, with MNC you will dependably be picking up esteem.

MinexCoin is an altcoin yet online-organizations will never lose esteem on the off chance that they acknowledge it as methods for installment.

MinexCoin is a steady cash yet it will be lucrative for medium and long haul financial specialists in light of controlled yearly development and premium installments for “stopping”.

MinexCoin is an installments framework which on account of low unpredictability is a vigorous hold cryptocurrency and in the long run might be received as worldwide cash.

Low unpredictability and stable development are accomplished through a savvy calculation we call MinexBank (on the grounds that its activities look like those of national banks as they keep up strength of national monetary forms). The whole biological system will be administered by this power calculation in view of foreordained recipes, composed by expert market analysts.

How it functions

To put it plainly, MinexCoin is represented by MinexBank – a shrewd calculation that self-governingly makes a move to keep up MNC’s cost in an anticipated hall.

MinexBank’s fundamental instruments of reigning in instability are stopping and mediations.

Stopping implies incidentally suspending a specific measure of coin on your wallet which will enable you to get intrigue. Loan fees will vacillate as per picked stopping period and current supply/request adjust, viably boosting financial specialists to stop coins when supply overwhelms request available. At the point when request is on the ascent, financing costs lessening and speculators are boosted to offer. Moreover, MinexBank utilizes its own hold to direct intercessions – offering or purchasing MNC to mitigate market’s weight.

Perused our whitepaper to take in more about the calculation. https://minexcoin.com/html/download/wpeng.pdf

Minex biological system

The Minex Systems group means to execute expanded usefulness of Minex Ecosystem by consolidating such applications as Minex Market, Minex Exchange, and Minex Platform. Usage of those items looks to grow the coin’s circle of dissemination, in this way driving interest for it.

Meet the center of Team

Boris Shulyaev (Founder, CEO) – business person, proficient market analyst and blockchain aficionado. Boris claims one of the biggest mining ranches in Europe.

Ruslan Babych (CTO) – has significant intrigue and broad work involvement in both back and IT. Made far from New York Stock Exchange to cryptoscene and is determined to executing best components of both universes in this venture.

Vladislav Zaychuk (lead engineer) – tech wizard entranced by cutting edge innovations. Made an application building 3D models of human mind for worldwide logical research. Presently he’s on to making an enhanced model of worldwide fund with Minex.

Daniel Shulyaev (people group chief) – vital PR counselor. Just as of late has embraced the religion of blockchain yet has turned out to be a huge aid to the group.

For precious remarks and criticism we additionally wish to thank:

The National Economic University of Kyiv

S. Arzhevitin, the Head of the Association of Ukrainian Banks

V. Lavrenchuk, the Chairman of the Board at Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Alexander Solop, the Chairman of the supervisory board at Arsenal Insurance

ICO subtle elements and token dispersion

We have as of now effectively directed the first round of ICO (Subscription), securing presubscription for 2 million MNC and building a solid group of financial specialists.

Amid the second round of ICO just 150,000 MNC will be sold. The motivation behind Phase Two is to decide the market cost of the coin promptly before entering the trade. The cost will be figured by the accompanying recipe:

Y = ( X + Х1 )/Z

where Y remains for market conversion scale (fundamental incentive in MinexBank’s calculation); X for volume of included financial specialist reserves; X1 for supreme volume of rewards accumulated by early members; Z for the measure of coins accessible for the ICO.

Stage Two will keep running from May fifteenth, 2017 to June thirteenth, 2017.

Rewards for early members of Phase Two:





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