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Website : https://populous.co

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Tokens allocated to the team will be locked up in a smart contract for a period of one year. This will insure that the team focuses hard to hit their targets and increase the value of the platform for all PPT holders.


Mikko Ohtamaa – Tokenmarket.net
Paul Puey – Airbitz.co


Applying for a business loan from the bank is not always an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially for some businesses that require immediate funding for sudden working capital increases, wages and short-term investments which have not been planned for. While banks, large financial institutions and independent invoice finance companies dominate asset-based lending and factoring, Peer-To-Peer (P2P) invoice finance platforms have recently entered the industry. Similar to traditional invoice finance providers, these platforms provide solutions that allow SMEs to get immediate funding on monies owed to them by their customers, rather than waiting for customers to pay invoices within a 45 to 90 day period which usually causes a strain on the cash flow of the SMEs


1. Last year alone, over $3 trillion was traded through export factoring and invoice financing, it is an industry which has been growing in many sectors for the past 5 years.

2. 50% of SMEs account for the UK’s total turnover £3tn.

3. In the UK 46% of SMEs experience some form of cash flow problem and late payment.


Populous is a receipt and exchange back stage based on the Ethereum blockchain. Populous utilizations XBRL, Smart Contracts, Stable pegged tokens and more to make an interesting worldwide exchanging condition for speculators and venders to exchange solicitations from all around the globe. We at Populous trust we are making the cutting edge receipt fund commercial center. If it’s not too much trouble read our whitepaper for a more specialized outline of the stage.


Since Populous is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, this has given us the chance to make a stage that permits everybody to take an interest in an option fund commercial center which is as of now accessible just to banks, budgetary organizations, well off people, family workplaces and governments. So by enabling speculators to utilize cryptocurrency on our stage, financial specialists from any piece of the world, can put resources into a receipt sold purchase a receipt vender from any piece of the world. For instance a financial specialist from China or Japan can put resources into solicitations sold purchase UK organizations and the other way around. With a specific end goal to make a steady exchanging condition, we utilize pegged token which are Ethereum ERC 20 token standard. While banks and other money related foundations consolidate constrain to make monetary stages on the blockchain, Populous is one of a kind in its way to deal with back on the blockchain, it could be said that we are not held to submit to the same administrative standards which counteracts banks and other budgetary organizations from utilizing cryptocurrencies in a blockchain domain.


The stream of assets inside the stage is acknowledged by the utilization of custom stable cash tokens (Pokens) pegged 1 to 1 with overall government’s monetary standards. Pokens are supported by the assets of speculators who store subsidizes on the stage to back solicitations. When solicitations are financed by financial specialists, pokens are sent to receipt merchants otherwise called the borrowers. Pokens can either be traded for fiat money or exchanged to an outer Ethereum wallet.


The stage deals with an inner record with the parities of every borrower’s and financial specialist’s records for every cash.


Outside the stage we give an openly available keen contract for every token, executing the Ethereum ERC 20 token standard (outer token contract).


XBRL is a worldwide standard for trading business data which is uninhibitedly accessible. It’s additionally as of now used to characterize and trade budgetary data, for example, an organization’s money related proclamations. XBRL permits the outflow of semantic importance generally required in business detailing. We have assembled a XBRL back-end which frames some portion of our in-house credit reference framework and focused on promoting database, as of now we refresh the UK organization budgetary proclamations of more than 2 million organizations every day preceding when they record their money related yearly records to the UK Companies House. This gives us the capacity to predict multi industry slants pretty much with an ongoing impact. We evaluated to gather in the district 1 petabyte information each 6 to 12 months, this will give us a further chance to complete money related machine learning all alone information and further upgrade the operations of the Populous stage and the arrival of our budgetary API prophets. The following is a connection to components we extricate from XBRL information.



The Z-score equation for anticipating chapter 11 was distributed in 1968 by Edward I. Altman, who was, at the time, an Assistant Professor of Finance at New York University. The recipe might be utilized to anticipate the likelihood that a firm will go into insolvency inside two years. Z-scores are utilized to anticipate corporate defaults and a simple to-figure control measure for the money related pain status of organizations. With the mix of our XBRL information and the Altman Z equation which is utilized by most money related foundations comprehensively, we have not just avoided the need of utilizing an outside UK credit reference office however have additionally picked up an innovative and budgetary edge over our rivals. Utilizing the consolidated informational collections we have made, we can discover organizations in the UK who are need of income and target them in like manner and viably. Similar informational collections can likewise be utilized for some different business utilize cases however we incline toward right now so as to put our full concentration in the receipt back industry and grab a noteworthy part of piece of the overall industry from our primary rivals, Marketinvoice.


Stephen Williams – CEO/Financial Data Miner/Expert/Analyst

Zvezdomir Zlatinov – CTO/Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer

Jonathan Millar – Specialist Invoice Finance Risk Consultant

Konan Fabien Beugre – Advisor/Head of Rest of Africa market Structuring and Commodities circulation Africa at Barclays Investment Bank

Rayan Guotay – General Counsel

John Morton – Advisor/Big Data Architect

Luis Carranza – Advisor/Marketing Expert – Founder of Fintechweek.com



BCT username: ankit10

ETH DOnation: 0xFFB9a31520965eE021D634Af67ea2ac6A1606BF3


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