EncryptoTel: Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure

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Website : http://ico.encryptotel.com/

BitcoinTalk Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1848180.0

What is EncryptoTel?

Encrypto Telecom offers radical new answers for correspondence, contributing widely to the progressing worldwide level headed discussion around security and common freedoms. Encoded correspondence is the sensible future for every customary media transmission.

Your protection is in great hands with EncryptoTel. Our organization offers a full scope of broadcast communications administrations in light of an inventive cloud PBX. We utilize front line arrangements in the circle of advanced innovations, including encryption through open, demonstrated calculations and the utilization of blockchain innovation.


In our beta rendition we have executed an underlying level of movement encryption in light of SIP/TLS advances. Customer server applications can set up an association and stay away from sound block attempt and unapproved get to. Besides, SRTP and ZRTP conventions give security to VoIP administrations and insurance from sound capture attempt.

We are right now taking a shot at the advancement of our own safe association arrange, which depends on two system forms, inside and outer, and incorporates a few sorts of servers, for example, affirmation expert, association of VPN, dispersed scrambled document framework and HTTPS server. Later on we will additionally build up our own security conventions.

What we want to do

Target #1: $100,000+

Production of stable, completely practical PBX with solid encryption and refreshed UI for more noteworthy availability.

Target #2: $250,000+

Acknowledgment of EncryptoTel’s own movement encryption convention in light of blockchain innovation, including arrival of portable applications for Android and iOS for sheltered and simple correspondence inside a PBX.

Target #3: $1,000,000 – $3,000,000+

Access to the global market with a forceful strategy of extension, enabling EncryptoTel to involve a more critical portion of the media communications industry, including passage into PBX models that are as of now arranged and altered for the most widely recognized assignments in the B2B, B2C and B2G areas. Obtaining of the essential licenses to furnish clients with broadcast communications benefits and designate numbers to them ourselves.


Benefits for investors


Most extreme markdown on organization administrations

Basic leadership

Capacity to partake in vital business choices


Need preparing of bolster tickets and buy orders

Individual ACCOUNT

Individual speculator account, in which financial specialists can track organization insights, current quarter benefits, and installments history

The EncryptoTel token (ticker: ETT)

Will be the local money for our telecoms biological community and administrations, offering rebates and different points of interest. All tokens used to pay for administrations will be scorched, decreasing the general supply of tokens available and driving up request and cost after some time.


Call redirection. Capacity to divert an approaching call to another telephone number.

Case: The client can divert calls to a neighborhood number, or to various nearby numbers in view of who is calling and when.

Two-calculate validation (2FA). An extra layer of security will be offered for administrations, for example, trades and crypto-wallets.

Case: notwithstanding username-secret word login, clients will get a call, instant message or other verification subtle elements before get to is conceded.

Encryption and movement insurance. Activity is dependably scrambled and ensured with the most recent encryption conventions.

Case: For examples, for example, essential business arrangements or for people worried about security for any reason, this usefulness will shield information from sound capture attempt and man-in-the-center (MITM) assaults.

Free correspondence. Each supporter will get a free interior number for the system.

Illustration: Talk inside a system, one-on-one or with a gathering, for nothing out of pocket.

Conceal a telephone number. Telephone numbers utilized for active calls will be veiled from discovery by an accepting gadget.

Illustration: Conduct arrangements and other correspondence without uncovering your immediate supporter’s number.

Situation execution. This makes it conceivable to make situations that are executed through SMS/MMS and calls.

Case: Users can send cryptocurrency to foreordained address by calling an assigned number and entering a stick code through their telephone’s keypad.

Multiplatformity. EncryptoTel can be utilized with every working framework, IP-telephones and portals.

Case: Users will have admittance to sending and control of their PBX by means of any gadget – portable terminal, desktop workstation, tablet, and so on.

Discussion recording and information stockpiling. Recordings of discussions or other essential information can be safely put away.

Case: Optionally turn on capacity for all transactions and documents. This put away information must be decoded by the proprietor utilizing EncryptoTel’s incorporated 12 blockchain innovation.

Call following. Screen activity assets.

Case: It is conceivable to make a one of a kind number for each commercial asset. Insights can be downloaded and advance observed from the client’s record.

IVR (intelligent voice reaction). Voice acknowledgment offices.

Case: Create pre-recorded directions for individuals who call you, upgrading preparing for approaching calls.

Video call. Up close and personal calling.

Case: Call somebody utilizing a camera or start a live to – camera communicate.

Updates. Synchronize your application with your date-book.

Illustration: Prompt updates for vital occasions by means of call or SMS.

Programming interface. Cooperate with the EncryptoTel benefit toward the back level.

Case: Integrate your CRM or another framework with EncryptoTel’s PBX and access every one of its administrations, with the chance to manufacture new offices on top of it.

AI and content communication. Perform essential set-up and control for well known delivery people utilizing EncryptoTel’s computerized reasoning bot.

Case: Initialize a call by means of Telegram, XMPP/Jabber customer with the assistance of a straightforward message, for example, ‘Call the number +1 … 1 from the USA zone number, then get back to me on the number +1 … 2’.

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