SONM: Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining

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Whitepaper :

What is SONM ?

SONM is a decentralized overall haze PC for any broadly useful registering − from site facilitating to logical counts. The motivation behind SONM venture is to supplant hash-based conventional cryptocurrency mining, which now commands the blockchain group.

Benefits For Buyers

Purchasers of computer force get a more cost-proficient arrangement than cloud administrations service (Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and so forth.) can offer.We utilize fog computing rather than cloud, so there is no more need to pay ahead of time for private and consumed distributed computing. Since SONM is completely decentralized, there is no brought together specialist that controls processing asset circulation.

Benefits For Miners

On the off chance that you are a mineworker or computational power proprietor, SONM is an incredible chance to utilize your gear for some helpful computing and continuing genuine assignments.

SONM fog computing stage is a new beginning for solo mining.

There are heaps of mineworkers whose GPU mining homesteads are currently pointless because of the expanded Proof-of-work mining trouble (notwithstanding for altcoins). As of late, being a piece of a mining pool has been the best way to ensure benefit from mining.

In any case, even in doing as such, this benefit is small to the point that occasionally it doesn’t take care of the expense of power spent for PoW mining.

SONM stage gives the miners a gainful arrangement.

With SONM you will quit consuming your kilowatts for PoW mining and begin serving computations for the dispersed World Wide Web. For the individuals who are confounded by trouble bomb or Ethereum (and numerous others) PoS-migration,SONM recommends to miners the most gainful applications and undertakings for his equipment.

CPU, GPU, ASIC, notwithstanding gaming consoles and cell phones can be utilized for SONM fog computing.

All you need is to set up a mining customer application and run it.


From a specialized perspective, SONM is a top layer of fundamental P2P advances – BitTorrent for information exchange, Cocaine Paas stage as a decentralized registering innovation, Ethereum Smart Contracts as a PoE (Proof of Execution) and agreement framework, BitMessage for correspondence and so on.

There is no focal control behind the framework and no indirect accesses or escape hatches. A few existing innovations were joined and altered by our designers to make another GRIB (GRID+Blockchain) innovation.

SONM is the Multi-specialist framework, so every client will ready to utilize clever operators and brilliant contracts to boost the benefit. You can set up automatization level from picking of each venture physically to a single tick settings. The SONM framework will then consequently pick the most beneficial venture for your hardware, work with it and get payouts to your own Ethereum address.

SONM has been created to act naturally learning and absolutely alright for its clients.

Our framework bolsters obscurity devices like intermediary, VPN or TOR, however it can’t be utilized as a programmer dream toolbox. Shrewd specialists can self-instruct utilizing neural systems and keep malevolent clients out of the framework, while in the meantime giving most productive errand arrangement – both for excavators and computational power purchasers.

Additionally, SONM figuring power trade has the properties of the free market, so vindictive centers and clients will in no time be overlooked by purchasers and diggers because of their terrible notoriety.

In summation, we anticipate that SONM will be the most astute, the least expensive and the biggest decentralized figuring framework with solid guidelines in regards to ethical quality and dependability, because of SONM’s notoriety framework and self-learning neural system.


Date of the fundamental SONM crowdsale begin and further ICO subtle elements will be declared in this string and in the SONM online networking accounts.

Approx. date of the SONM ICO begin: 25/05/2017

We’ll utilize escrow with multisignature wallet to guarantee security for all the ICO members.

SebastianJU, the amazing bitcointalk escrow, will give his escrow benefit both to the SONM preICO and ICO.

All the preICO and ICO assets will be gathered to his escrow wallet.

ICO SNM tokens conversion scale will be 1 ETH = 606 SNM.



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